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Anamol Facility Cleaners understands that every project is different and every client is special. Our staff members are familiar with the cleaning requirements of these types of institutions and are skilled at using the right cleaning products to maintain stringent hygiene levels and germ-free environment. Our team will create a tailored cleaning plan to suit your institution, focusing on busy areas and those needing most attention. One-to-one staff training, daily supervision, weekly monitoring and monthly quality assurance measures will be in place to ensure these high standards.


Our Services

We Love to Clean, so you don’t have to.

  • Carpet and Sofa wash 
  • Pest Control
  • Basic & Deep Cleaning
  •      High Glass Cleaning 
  •     Duct Cleaning 
Carpet and Sofa wash 

Carpet and Sofa Wash

 Regular professional cleaning of your sofa and carpet helps to prolong the lifespan and to remove stain more effectively.We use dry carpet cleaning technology to clean your carpet that will produce better results than the traditional method of using water and shampoo.For sofa cleaning, we utilize low dampness cleanser which rapidly dries i.e, 75% immediately contrasted with customary sofa wet cleaning systems.


Pest Control

Pest Control

Anamol Facility Cleaners also specialize in controlling the pest that invade in your home and commercial premises. We are well equipped with Municipality approved chemicals and world class technology to control all types of pest problems.With environment prudent pest control practices, we provide nature friendly mode of pest elimination.

Basic & Deep Cleaning

Basic and Deep Cleaning

BASIC CLEAN (Recurring or One-Time Cleaning)

DEEP CLEAN (First Time, One-Time, or Special Request Cleaning)

     High Glass Cleaning 

High Glass Cleaning

Anamol Facility Cleaners services provides the following services for high glass cleaning:

  1. 1. Window Cleaning
  2. 2. Pressure Cleaning
  3. 3. Caulking & Glass replacement
  4. 4. Lightning Maintence
  5. 5. Bird Control
  6. 5. Glass Restoration: Stain & Scratch Removal
  7. 6. High Rise Access equipment consultation
  9. High glass cleaning face many unique difficulties both during construction and after completion. Some of these include the impact of whether and evaculation and safty produces. Building maintence is no exception, Particularly when the exterior of a high glass cleaning is primarly made of glass. These building maintence companies in order in enseures professional quality in extreme circumstances.
  10. As construction technology has improved and expanded, building have also expanded upward. Through taller building have presented new challanges to the window cleaning and building maintence industries. High glass cleaning building services has ben ablle to constitently overcome the challanges and find effective solution. High glass cleaning has developed new techniques, produces and equipment as the industry has changed in oorder too continue to provide even the tallest building with the best window cleaning and power cleaning services.
  11. Our companies only uses the best avialiable equipment for our services. we ensures all equipment meets safety requirement and that it is properly maintained. our technique and safety standard s allow our staff of field managers, techniques and area supervisors is fully trained with high glass cleaning training course.
    Duct Cleaning 

Duct Cleaning

Get your building heating and cooling duct’s cleaned with Anamol Facility Cleaners.

The air duct cleaning system our professionals use is among the most dominant air duct cleaning system available today. Our cleaning system applies to almost any air duct system discovered today. The procedures and strategies our staff use are the results of careful training to operate their equipment safely, consistently and reliably with the rules.

Having your ducts cleaned helps to improve the air quality and ensure your furnace and air conditioners operate at maximum efficiency.

We Does Duct Cleaning On:

  1. 1. Air Duct Cleaning
  2. 2. Kitchen Duct Cleaning
  3. 3. Kitchen Hood Cleaning
  4. 4. Kitchen Deep Cleaning

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